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"A swiss army knife for designers"  - Book review. 

As a source of inspiration, this book is awesome and would fully be worth buying for that alone – but that's just where it starts. There's a stupid amount of incredibly crafted and varied work in here (I assume he doesn't sleep), something to get you fired up for almost every type of project BUT the crucial thing is...that's all just bonus. Its true worth is in the insights and creative philosophies gleaned from a long career and its many inherent challenges. That's the kind of valuable and, more importantly, applicable knowledge that takes years to figure out on your own. Those lessons are the gold-dust that everyone else seems to shy away from in these kinds of books, much to my frustration. Full respect to Radim for being so open and generous. Get involved!
Greg - Amazon Review


"Get this Book" - review. 

Simply put, anyone who's considering a career in design needs to get this book. Radim is a distinct and incredible creator and this book showcases his honest, genuine, self-aware and undeniably unique approach to his work, his life and the creative industry. It's a beautiful publication, from the font choices to the colours, to the examples of his work - I was infinitely inspired and jealous (in the best possible way) of Radim's vibrant portfolio in equal measure. Ultimately, this book gave me the nudge I needed to bin the excuses and chase after my aspirations of becoming a graphic designer. For that reason, I can't recommend it enough. Looking forward to Book of Ideas Vol. 2!
Sam Grainger - Amazon review


"It smells like a box of crayons" - review. 

Book of ideas is a great read that offers clarity, life advice and beautiful examples of work from a successful designer I personally look up to. It's non-pretentious and could be read as words of wisdom by anyone, no matter where you are in your creative journey (beginner-advanced). It is appreciatively a quick read and can be opened here and there to any chapter. My only critique would be more of a description of the process of the specific design work placed in the pages adjacent to the text. Otherwise, I enjoyed reading this book between my breaks during work and on the metro. Other things to acknowledge: the quality of the book is very nice. The pages are thick, and it smells like a box of crayons that automatically sparked my inner artist-child. Also, I LOVE how much color is used. Typical art books use a lot of white space and black letters--not this one! The color pallet is essentially the rainbow and I kept wanting to turn the pages to see more. Also, great typography and organization of content. I really enjoy seeing Book of Ideas nestled in my tiny library next to my journals in my flat :) 5 stars!


"Inspirational." - review. 

Brilliant!!! I'm so glad I came across this book. I'm a freelance graphic designer and this book resonates so much with me and my work. I've read parts out to my partner who's a music producer and it connects with him too. Creative people I highly recommend this book. Its come into my life at just the right time, inspiring me and giving me confidence in what I am doing.
Emma Gregg - Amazon review


"Career challenges" - review

The book give you clear ideas on the challenges one face during career building.
Manjit Kakkar - GoodReads


"How to make it" - review. 

For new designers, the title offers beneficial insight gained from Malinic's decade-plus as a freelance designer and art-director, while for more experienced creatives it's an inspiring collection of thoughts and ideas about how to make it in today's fast-paced creative industry.
Julia Sagar - Creative Bloq


"EPIC!"  - Book review. 

WOW!! I couldn’t put this book down! I’m so grateful to have this inspirational book in my library, a delightful & thought provoking insight into a successful designer’s life. I love that Radim demonstrates pieces of his own philosophy in sharing the truthful highs and the lows of his design journey so far. It has given me so much confidence as a designer starting out. The ‘Mind’ section of the book resonated with me so much as I’m sure it has for many others who work within as well as out of Design. This book is powerful & extremely enjoyable, a must read for all designers and anyone in the creative industry.
Sarah Ellen - Amazon review


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