Book of Branding
a guide to creating brand identity for startups and beyond

Book of Branding is a creative guide for new businesses, start-ups and individuals, which puts visual identity at the heart of brand strategy. The conversational, jargon free, tone of the book helps the reader to understand essential elements of the brand identity process. Offering first hand experience, insights and tips throughout, the book uses real life case studies to show how great collaborative work can be achieved. 

Book of Branding is an essential addition to the start-up toolkit, designed for entrepreneurs, founders, visual designers, brand creators and anyone seeking to decode the complicated world of brand identity. 


256 full colour pages /  Printed and bound in the England  / ISBN 9780993540035
Published by Brand Nu  /  Released 11th November 2019





Book of Ideas

Everyone’s days are full of intriguing encounters. Observing the world when just walking down the street of any metropolis or taking a break in a coffee shop shows that we live in a multicultural society filled with a multiplicity of colours, languages and sounds. Each of us comes from a unique place and carries an individual worldview. But each of us can identify with one another on some level—whether through our principles, interests or faith. People naturally gather in tribes. Some of these have existed for centuries, others are forming right now; built up through commonalities that vary from cultural background to fashion or music.


Brands have long provided millions of people with a sense of belonging, regardless of their origins, skin colour or political views. The best of these modern “churches” are built from a place of inclusivity and purpose. Such brands now take many forms: it's no longer the multinational corporations like a certain red-canned sugary drinks company that exemplify global brand awareness. Now anyone has the potential and opportunity to build—or even better, become—a brand.


I grew up in the eccentric 80s, that fabled era of perms, synthpop and neon everything. While it’s not my favourite decade of the four I’ve witnessed so far; there was something magical in some of the brands that emerged then. The focus was on the product first, and brand building second. The plastic toy car was more important that the logo attached to it; the action figure was the brand him or herself. The 80s was also an era of when rock music ruled the world, and I found myself right in the middle of the excitement. Surrounded by countless vinyl albums with big stadium-baiting choruses blasting from the speakers, I knew I wanted to join the tribe of followers that belonged to those bands: it was a pure sense of wanting to subscribe to whatever those bands were standing for. They offered an opportunity for shared conversations, friendship and adventure. This was my first introduction to brand experience, even if I had no idea what that term meant as a youngster.


A few decades later, through my freelance work and in founding my studio Brand Nu, I've been helping countless founders, entrepreneurs and small startups to recreate that magical experience by building worlds in which people feel they can belong. When a tribe of one becomes two and more, all those efforts pay off. The gift of creativity is to make people feel something, and feel something excellent.

Radim Malinic

Taken from Book of Branding 11/11/19


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