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It's Nice That
UK - 3rd February 2016 

Creative Bloq 
(Book Review) - UK - 10th February 2016 

Design Taxi
Singapore - 11th February 2016 

Henry Aquino Blog
USA - 11th February 2016 

11th February 2016 

Crawler Web Solutions, What's new for February
USA - 15th February 2016 

Design Azure
Lithuania - 16th February 2016 

Digital Arts
UK - 18th February 2016 

Digital Arts
(extract) - UK - 18th February 2016 

Creative Blog
(article) - UK - 20th February 2016 

Spain - 23rd February 2016 

(new Designers for February) - China - 28th February 2016 

Sowela Art
USA - 28th February 2016 

Design Week
UK - 1st March 2016 

USA - 1st March 2016 

Malaysia Marketing
Malaysia - 1st March 2016 

Design Feeds
USA - 1st March 2016 

Before It's News
USA - 1st March 2016 

Cambridge Interactive
USA - 1st March 2016 

New Future Graphic
UK - 1st March 2016 

Sweden - 2nd March 2016 

Form Fifty Five
UK - 8th March 2016 

VL Designs Blog
USA - 9th March 2016 

Anotate Magazine
USA - 16th March 2016 

KCA London
UK - 18th March 2016 

Akihikigoto Blog
Hong Kong - 20th March 2016 

Inky Goodness
UK - 23rd March 2016 

Red Lemon Club
UK - 6th April 2016 

Germany - 13th April 2016 

Web Designers Depot
USA - 13th April 2016 

News Flow 24
UK - 13th April 2016 

Crafted Innovations
USA - 13th April 2016 

Website Master
Canada - 14th April 2016 

Julia Frances Design
UK - 13th May 2016 

Design Jones
UK - 23rd May 2016 

Logo Geek
UK - 18th June 2016

Art Directors Club New York
UK - 18th June 2016
Spain - 18th June 2016

Creative Boom - 10 books for summer
UK - 19th August 2016


Book of Ideas - a  journal of creative direction and graphic design - vol 1. by Radim Malinic


Book of Ideas is just that: an outpouring of what one creative director and designer has discovered from many years working in the strange and endlessly fascinating world of the creative industry.

Sharing advice on everything from inspiration to inbox control, facing your fears, finding happiness in your work, the art of self-promotion and beating a creative block. It is also illustrated with some of the most important and resonant portfolio projects. Book of Ideas is an invaluable tool to any creative at any stage in their creative career.

Shipping worldwide.
ISBN: 978-0993540004

"Beautiful book and killer work!" - Aaron James Draplin - DDC

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Book of Ideas by Radim Malinic

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